.....a FAST growing community

Our community of partners is literally FAST growing. It all started with the three founding partners, and today we are at least with 6 experienced and well-known Tier-2/3 suppliers. We continue to look for partners with a proven specialism in (a) one of the phases of the product value chain, from concept till industrialization, (b) in materials like thermoplastic resins and metals, (c) project management, and (d) specific technologies like coatings, electronics, software, additives, big data, AI, etc. all relating to interior and exterior (metal/thermoplastic) components.

If you are such supplier with the required DNA ánd interested in joining FAST, please contact us at info@fastautomotivegroup.com.

Partner profile

Partners of the FAST Automotive Group are not just any experienced automotive supplier. Our partners are

  • Highly specialized in their field of expertise
  • Innovation Leader, and continuously improving their valuable competences
  • Agile & Entrepreneurial, going the extra mile for serving the customer

FAST creates new business opportunities along the whole product value chain with potentially new customer for its partners. FAST continuously offers the best technologies and solutions, of which other partners also learn and improve their skillset. FAST is recognized as a different business model with proven products and services, which provides an answer to todays challenges of Tier-1/Tier-2 suppliers.

The unique business model makes it a great opportunity for both customers and partners, at no additional cost, and with very limited additional risk